Top Wines to drink with your American Thanksgiving dinner


Pairing wines with foods is largely a question of personal preference. There are very few hard and fast rules except for a few notable “hard and fast rules”…and I will cover those right up front: do not drink excessively dry wine with your turkey dinner because your mouth will be dry enough with the usual turkey accoutrements…keep the hearty cabernet sauvignons, French Syrahs for juicy red meat dinners…avoid, at all costs, the collision Continue reading

Let’s cut to the chase…Why do I need a wine aroma kit?


“Ok, they are beautiful but what do I use these for?”

“Should I start a collection…until I have the whole series?”

“Do you really guarantee them for 10 years?”

As you can imagine, one of the most common question we get asked at trade shows or at wine information seminars such as the ones we conducted recently at the Vintage Conservatory of Toronto is “Why do I need a wine aroma kit?” We are in a business that requires that we educate our market before we can properly position the virtues of our product…this is very typical of most narrow “niche” markets.

Who better than to ask than our customers: so we sent our clients a quick survey and asked them why they bought our kits and what specific use Continue reading

Coffee is the opposite of wine…not really..well, maybe..sometimes…

Both coffee and wine are harvested from berries that require very much tender loving care. (Who doesn’t…?). Just like there are many types or families of grapes (called varietals) such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, etc, there also are different species of coffee like Arabica or Robusta or Colombian. And just like wine, coffee is often made from a blend of these different varieties.



Here is the major difference between wine and coffee: the experience of the moment when one consumes it. Typically, you start the day with Continue reading

Can you say “WINE” without smiling…

Thank you to all those that sent me their heartfelt comments about my last blog (The Centerpiece of Italian Culture…) I’m glad that you enjoyed it but it’s particularly pleasing to me that the piece actually awakened some pleasant family memories for some of you. It did for me too.
Someone asked me, recently, why or how I ended up (sort of) in the wine business after a few-decades -long career in the corporate world…a career in an industry that could not possibly be further away from wine. The answer is: I don’t know. Fate, I guess.
Here’s what I do know: after four years Continue reading

The centerpiece of Italian culture: we drink it, dunk in it, and even wear it

The other day, someone who wanted to impress me with his deep knowledge of all things Italian suggested that tomatoes are the heart of Italian cuisine. I remember that a noted Italian chef described tomatoes as sacrosanct for Italians. Their place in Italian gastronomy is undeniable and tomatoes are obviously prominent in many Italian dishes, especially in recipes from the South.

But the actual centerpiece of Italian culture, the one item which transcends all geographies…the one item which is omnipresent not only on every table and in every cantina but in every Italian’s inner being is our wine. Because if tomatoes are heart of Italian culture, then our vino is our soul…quite literally, it is the very lifeblood that flows through our veins…and we (Italians) get inoculated at a tender age…usually about 12 years old.

Continue reading