Review of the Past…Eye on the Future…The Wine Education Company

In 2012, our third year in existence, we continued our path to double digit growth that we started in year two.  Our customers, retailers and distributors, mostly in North America, embraced our products and, most of all, our services offerings.  Wine education has definitely become the “in” theme for many corporate/PR events, client recognition venues, and private company functions for partners and employees.  To give someone the gift of basic wine knowledge is unique, useful in many social circles, and always well appreciated.  Especially, when it is conducted in a fun and interactive manner…and with full “hands on”(and “nose on”) audience participation while using some very intriguing sensory based games to promote bonding and entertainment value…leisure education.  Basically, a unique, fun and informative group séance of the senses…always well appreciated and well-remembered by all.

We also had a very productive year in 2012 from a new product development perspective.  We added two major new products to our lineup of wine education tools.  First, our star high end product especially designed for professional wait staff and serious wine connoisseurs. 

Wine Expert-in-a-Box  is the result of much research and the brain child of our amazing oenology staff who crafted a learning method for the 21st century, containing the “best of breed” tools known to the wine world enclosed in a state of the art web based virtual classroom.  This is an official certification program that is monitored and scored to provide each registered participant a most practical, enriching and personal learning experience; totally unique and a first in the world of wine education.


The second product to be born in 2012 is our Edition Speciale series of “nouveau” aroma sets designed for the beginner.  It is a non-threatening way to get informally initiated to the wonderful (and sometimes pompous) world of wines.  Edition Speciale also makes a perfect gifting item for any occasion worth celebrating in style…from birthdays to weddings and everything in between.  Its elegant packaging can also be personalized with a logo or a personal photograph of the event to remember.


Also in 2012, we continued to expand our distribution channels to include Canada’s largest and most renowned national retailer and made very important alliances with other major manufacturers of aromatic raw materials in Europe.

 We are very excited about a new chapter in 2013.  We expect to continue to invest in our marketing initiatives such as theme trade shows and some specialty publications and are planning to refresh and expand our ecommerce business and web page with a more strategic and integrated social media road map.  We will continue to explore some very concrete opportunities to play in the Asian market through some key partnership initiatives.


Our new “sub branding” of The Wine Education Company is not a drastic departure from our corporate mantra but is designed to better convey the all-important message of our company’s “Why”.  Our products are never the “end product” but are tools that guide one to be more proficient in the art and pleasure of wine appreciation…no matter what the starting point or purpose for such instruction.  Our services and products are designed to appeal to those who want to learn about wine, not just to those who are looking for the best wine aroma kits on the market.  A true “Awakening” is so much more than that…



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