Why and When Would Knowledge of Wine Be Helpful…Handy…Good to Have…?

Ever been handed the wine list in a restaurant and your table of friends is expecting you to make a decision on the wine…for the table…?

Ever order some wine in a restaurant and the waiter, after pouring your taster portion, hands you the cork…and waits…???

Ever take a gulp of “expensive” wine you just ordered…and you want to spit it back out…you know there’s something wrong with it…but how will you tell the wait staff to take it back…? What is making it taste so bad…?  Is it just you…???

What wine will you choose for your next party?  Will your wine pairing talents and accompanying jargon impress your guests?  Your boss?

Next time you hold a glass of wine, describe its ruby color, its perfect balance, its cigar box aroma, and its velvet texture…will you sound “snobby” and pretentious…or will you have that attractive hint of sophistication that comes when you actually know what you’re talking about…

Here’s the good news!  You don’t have to read a mountain of wine books or sign up for weeks of classroom time where the mere thought of facing your heavily French accent endowed “sommelier” makes your palms sweat and your fists clench…only relieved by your hand then grasping a pen to write a cheque for the admission fee that contains far too many zeros!

No, you don’t have to do all that.  The only proven tool for the leisure education of wine appreciation is a complete wine aroma kit from Wine Awakenings.  It contains not only the most prevalent aromas found in wine (to imprint your sense of smell) ,interactive scent cards to practice and engage your friends like a trivia game, but also a very user friendly yet informative instruction booklet which brings it all together for you…very elegantly.  Coming attraction: an “app”, of course, to guide you to a multitude of relevant food pairing information…or to choices of types of wine you should buy given the specific “type” of wine drinker you are…all determined by the judicious use of your Wine Awakenings kit.  No more guessing what you like…know what you prefer and shop accordingly (and much more wisely).

So take some time for you. Open up your favorite bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and learn to discover all of its subtle virtues with your very own “Cabernet” kit made locally and lovingly….from Wine Awakenings.


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