Fat and Drunk…Delicious Wine Ice Cream


Wine Ice Cream….sounds like an oxymoron, but it really does exists and it is sinfully delicious!

Made by Mercer’s, a fine ice cream maker and winners of many “Dairy of Distinction” Awards, wine ice cream is made with 15% butterfat and contains 5% alcohol by volume.

Why is it such an anomaly? Alcohol doesn’t freeze and wine doesn’t mix with milk.  Or so the world thought…

Mercer’s wine ice cream comes in six different and equally delicious varieties:

 Cherry Merlot: Premium ice cream with Bordeaux cherries blended with a Merlot wine recognized for its plum and black cherry undertones.

Chocolate Cabernet: Premium chocolate ice cream with bits of bittersweet chocolate blended with a Cabernet wine filled with dried cherry & cassis notes

Peach White Zinfandel: Premium ice cream with fresh peaches blended with a White Zinfandel wine distinguished for its fruity undertones and pleasant finish.

Port: Premium ice cream blended with an award-winning Ruby Port wine appreciated for its rich, heavily-bodied flavor.

Red Raspberry Chardonnay: Premium ice cream blended with raspberry sauce and a Chardonnay wine known for its delicate vanilla nose and buttery smooth taste.

Riesling: Premium ice cream blended with a Riesling wine prized for its fruity, crisp refreshing quality.

Calorie count: well, who cares?…but for the record, 200-300 calories per half cup (depending on variety).

For the present assignment, I “field” tested each variety myself (a few times, just to be sure…) and I’m happy to report that although each variety has a distinctive character, they are all equally delicious and most entertaining!  Much like enjoying a fine glass of wine, this frozen treat marvels your senses with, at first, a cold rich dairy sensation, without numbing your palate.  The distinctive wine flavors and aromas then ensue to caress your olfactory apparatus (nose) until the rich concoction smoothly slides down your throat.

Where can it be found? I am completing a comprehensive list as we speak- drop me a line.

What an exquisite invention!


29 comments on “Fat and Drunk…Delicious Wine Ice Cream

  1. gemsfoodgems says:

    Wow… I didn’t know you could make wine ice-cream! I thought that the alcohol prevented it from freezing? I guess this must not be the case! Do enlighten me if you know!? (As it may means I could make my own version at home!) Gems x

  2. Amato says:

    Hello…All I know is that it is frozen with Liquid Nitrogen. As far as the actual process, it’s a closely guarded secret and only the Mercer’s family knows the ins and outs of somehow mixing and freezing wine and cream. Thanks for posting!

  3. Alvin Pack says:

    Wine ice cream is also made and sold at Green Creek Winery in Columbus, North Carolina. (30 minutes south of Asheville)6 flavors made with Green Creek Winery wines: Strickly Strawberry, Icy Red Raspberry, Cherry Berry, Southern Peach, True Blueberry & Chocolate Merlot. Sold only at the winery.

  4. Amato says:

    Thanks for the info Alvin!

  5. alicemod says:

    Hi, where can I get this in Perth, WA.

  6. Noelle says:

    i’m anxiously awaiting the list of where i can get it! i would love to get my friends (and myself) this for a sweet christmas treat 🙂

  7. lping says:

    Reblogged this on My take on Life. and commented:

  8. Hans says:

    Any update on where you can get this in Minnesota/Wisconsin?

  9. Kim says:

    I must know where to buy this!! Anxiously awaiting that list and hoping for somewhere near Nashville! Thank you!

  10. Jocelyn says:

    I would love to buy some!!how do I get my hands on this amazingness!?

  11. Closet vendor to Eugene, OR? Would love to find this!

  12. Paige says:

    My only question is…Where can i get some of this!!!

  13. sandy says:

    Do you know where in Detroit I can find this?

  14. Kat says:

    Where can I find it? In the DC or Bmore area somewhere?? Also, Outer Banks, NC?

  15. Angela says:

    Where can I buy this!?

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  17. Jensen says:

    Where can you buy this?? Can you get it in Canada? Please say yes

  18. John Guerard says:

    Where do you find this wine ice cream?

  19. winefanatic says:

    Where can this be found? So interesting!

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  22. Amato says:

    Mercer’s has now posted a comprehensive list of all their distributors in North America on http://www.mercersdairy.com/
    Thanks for all your interest- keep posted to our blog http://www.wineawakenings.com for all kinds of novelties!

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  24. […] That’s ice cream containing 5% alcohol. Don’t mind if I do! […]

  25. megforest says:

    Wishing i could buy this in Ontario!!

  26. […] That’s ice cream containing 5% alcohol. Don’t mind if I do! […]

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