Cheese, Move Over – the top 5 most delicious things to be enjoyed with wine

What are the Top 5 Most surprising AND surprisingly delicious things to be enjoyed with wine?

In no particular order:

-Chocolate: You are in for an amazing taste experience.  Make use you use good quality “real” chocolate- not the “candy” sugar loaded candy bars.  Ask for Chocolate made to be paired with wine (at least 54% cocoa content- preferably more.  Brix makes some delicious dark chocolates but for a more “complete” experience look for Donini Chocolate double board set which contain two of four delicious 250 g totally organic (and kosher) chocolate bars, each weighing 250g and each made to be paired with different varietals of wine:  full body wines, light and fruity wines, champagne and Icewine.  Best enjoyed with friends, slightly refrigerated, and shaved onto its own cutting board.  (Sold exclusively by in North America).

-Salty soft pretzel:  The coarse salt pebbles prepare and excite you’re the salt receptors at the tip of your tongue and the sour note of a pretzel’s sour dough flesh is met enthusiastically by the tannins in your favourite Shiraz.  The taste sensation created by this combination is not unlike biting into a warm and juicy cinnamon roll.

-Biscotti:  This old favourite of Italians everywhere is often paired with coffee but try a sour (lemon flavoured) biscotti with your favourite Prosecco or with Vidal Icewine.  Delectable!  Or balance the sweetness of an almond flavoured biscotti with a serious Cabernet and I promise you that your taste buds will not complain.

-Peaches and nectarines: A traditional Mediterranean desert, the tannins in red wine help to release the sugars in fruits and the blend produces a tart after taste that will have your tongue rejoicing and your palate thank you.  Dip the quartered fruit right into your glass of wine and let seep for a few minutes, then fish with fork and enjoy!  (go ahead…how do you think they make Sangria).  Made for lingering and conversing at the dinner table after a satisfying meal…

-Sushi: You must try this- unless you don’t like sushi.  The texture and flavour created by combining uncooked salmon, or seaweed, and avocado.  White wine, in particular, will also act as a gentle lubricant to smooth over the slightly abrasive journey of sticky rice “down the hatch”.  And what better than a cool glistening Riesling to soften the kick of Wasabi!


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