How the “Wine World” almost came to an end!

Recently, the world of wines- professionals, experts and aficionados alike, was SHOCKED by the results of a multiple year scientific study confirming what some suspected but what wine experts desperately wanted to keep a secret: those much touted wine reviews and recommendations from the “wine experts” were IRRELEVANT to most consumers for whom they were intended!  This is like telling Christians that the Pope is not really Catholic!
The American Journal of Enology and Viticulture- citing the results of a research study conducted by a team of American and Canadian scientists broke the story last year and it was quickly picked up by local reporters everywhere. 
Beppi Crosariol of Globe and Mail (March 20th, 2012) said:

 “A sensory study by Canadian and American researchers reveals that wine professionals, including critics, tend to possess acute tasting powers not as widely shared by the general population.  The findings suggest that reviews in newspapers, magazines and blogs may be too fastidious for consumers unendowed with the biological ability to discern finer shades of flavour and texture….

This doesn’t come easy, but I’ll say it anyway: For much of the population, professional wine recommendations are irrelevant.

 Say it isn’t so!  What will we drink?  How will we know that we, and our guests, will like what we are thinking of serving?  Who will save us when we are stumbling aimlessly down the cold glass aisles and rows upon rows of corked bottles in our favourite wine store?

 We, at Wine Awakenings, were determined to resolve the matter of behalf of wine lovers everywhere!  Something just didn’t “smell” right to us…(hint)

 To start, we went right to the source and went to “interrogate” Dr Gary Pickering who is one of the two leading scientists and authors of this research. Dr Gary Pickering is a Professor of Wine Science and researcher at Brock University’s Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute in Niagara and considered in most circles as one of the very best in the industry.  After spending a few precious hours with this brilliant man, we came away with a totally new perspective on why this is so, why was is covered up for so long and, most importantly, what we, the mere mortal wine consumers, can do to avoid being left totally “out in the dark”. 

 The answer is as simple as it is brilliant- but is definitely something everyone who drinkswine SHOULD know…and something everyone wholoves wine HAS to know.

 The answer is: take matters into your own hands.  Learn to Define and understand what YOU prefer…and most importantly, WHY you prefer certain wines and certain vintages more than others.  Wines have a DNA…in the words of Kevin Klein in the classic movie The French Kiss, “…wine is like people…it is the product of everything around us…”.

If you can identify which characteristics of wine YOU personally prefer (and which you don’t), you’re 99 percent of the way to determining which wines you will like!  Use this personal profile to decide what you buy, what you pair with what and what to ask your friends when determining what they like!  When ordering some wine in a restaurant, and the server asks you whether you would like “red or white”, make your answer something like: “well I like a wine with a pungent flavour of mushroom or bark, coarse on the palate, long on the finish and with notes of ripe berries…what do you have for me?”



3 comments on “How the “Wine World” almost came to an end!

  1. I appreciate the sentiment here. After all, when I do read some of the words used to describe wine, I wonder why anyone would want to try it, even if it is acclaimed to be the greatest. I tend to downplay the verbiage when I write, because I feel that most will get different sensations from the same wine, at the same table.

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