Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine Expo Product Launch

On November 14th to the 17th, Wine Awakenings will once again be exhibiting at the annual Gourmet Food and Wine Expo being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.  We have been participants and contributors to this annual event for four straight years now and have used the venue to actually launch most of our new products.

But this year promises to be….VERY SPECIAL!

First, we are launching a new “smart” wine preserver which will keep your opened bottles of wine from dangerous oxidization by using some very slick, state-of-the-art digital technology and an LCD display for ideal temperature monitoring.  A must-have gadget for wine aficionados, for sure.

Edition Spéciale:

Twenty Shades of… Play


Our second new product is one that boldly goes where no other product has ever gone.  It brazenly taps into our personal sensory grid to create a most intriguing bond and dialogue to be shared with a friend of your choice…preferably with your “significant other”.

We call it Twenty Shades of…Play  because things are not always “black and white” when it comes to our senses.  Best described as “a sensory journey for the awakening couple”, this new “board game for grownups” is the result of much passionate research and deep dives into the captivating universe that is sensorial stimulus…this emerging field of fascination that is the very essence of Sensorial Marketing commonly referred to as “La Sal de la Vida” or “The Spice of Life”.


But of course, that is not ALL that’s taking place at the Wine Awakenings booth next week.  On the Thursday and Friday evenings, those in attendance will be amazed…enchanted…from what will emerge out of the clear blue sky…from nothing to greatness in two short breaths…right in front of your eyes…right in front of our booth.


One comment on “Toronto Gourmet Food and Wine Expo Product Launch

  1. Ken Drover says:

    Wish I could be there to check it out. Good luck!

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