Did That Just Happen


We are on a mission to collect your funniest (or most embarrassing) stories about wine…here’s an example to kick things off…thank you Glenn Smith, el Presidente at Mouse Productions.

Reply with your funniest WINE story and automatically enter for a chance to win a complete wine aroma set!

Envoyer nous vos histoires de vin les plus drôles et vous gagnerez un coffret d’arômes complet de Wine Awakenings quand nous la publierons!

 Here’s Glenn Smith’s Story to start it off…

Our friends invited us to dinner one evening.  We had been to a concert in town so we made our way, rather unpretentiously, to a high end steakhouse (who shall remain unnamed for obvious reasons).  The server quickly made her way to our table, introduced herself and brought us the wine list a few minutes later.  One of our guests took it upon himself to order the wine and swiftly zeroed in on a wonderful  six year old Amarone on the back page of the menu.

When the server returned to take our wine order, our friend asked for the Amarone and quickly added that he would like for the bottle to be decanted before we drink it.  Looking slightly bewildered but remaining calm, our server replied “yes, of course” and proceeded to retreat.

When she returned, she addressed our friend rather apologetically and said: “Sorry, sir.  We don’t have decanted wine here.”


3 comments on “Did That Just Happen

  1. I was asked to meet a potential distributor in Chinatown in Toronto near their office. He asked that I bring along a bottle of Icewine. We sat at a booth at a very busy Chinese restaurant. When the waiter came by I asked ” could you put this on ice?” and handed him the bottle of Icewine. He nodded agreeably and came back to take our order. Once the food arrived I asked the waiter where the Icewine was and he pointed to the stainless steel pitcher on the table in front of us. I picked up the pitcher and to my surprise/ embarrassment I realized he had done exactly as I had asked. He had put the Icewine on ice. However instead of placing the bottle in the ice …he poured the Icewine into the ice.
    Next time I will be more articulate.
    Donald Ziraldo

  2. Amato says:

    Hello Mr Ziraldo, Thank you for sharing that great story- very funny!

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