Funny Stories Continued…

Happy New Year!

We are continuing to collect the funniest wine stories out there!

Our winner for this week is a story sent in by none other than the Godfather of Icewine in Canada and co-founder of Inniskillin Wines, Dr Donald Ziraldo.  He wrote:

“I was asked to meet a potential distributor in Chinatown in Toronto near their office. He asked that I bring along a bottle of Icewine. We sat at a booth at a very busy Chinese restaurant. When the waiter came by I asked” could you put this on ice?” and handed him the bottle of Icewine. He nodded agreeably and came back to take our order. Once the food arrived I asked the waiter where the Icewine was and he pointed to the stainless steel pitcher on the table in front of us. I picked up the pitcher and to my surprise/ embarrassment I realized he had done exactly as I had asked. He had put the Icewine on ice. However instead of placing the bottle in the ice …he poured the Icewine into the ice.
Next time I will be more articulate.”

I wonder if this is how icewine slush was invented.  Or is this how they make wine ice cream…?


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