Coffee is the opposite of wine…not really..well, maybe..sometimes…

Both coffee and wine are harvested from berries that require very much tender loving care. (Who doesn’t…?). Just like there are many types or families of grapes (called varietals) such as Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, etc, there also are different species of coffee like Arabica or Robusta or Colombian. And just like wine, coffee is often made from a blend of these different varieties.



Here is the major difference between wine and coffee: the experience of the moment when one consumes it. Typically, you start the day with coffee and end it with wine. (At least for most people…) In Italy, they say: Il Caffe da energia, il vino porta pace (Coffee gives you energy but wine brings you peace).

And wine has so many other capabilities…some real, others perceived…but all of them undeniable.

In vino veritas (In wine, there is truth). And in wine, there is also celebration, and family, and ultimately love. At out latest Thanksgiving celebration, our family basked in all this. During all our happy family moments, we found ourselves either talking about wine, making it, toasting with it, and even “binge shopping” for it…and yes…we even drank some of it…OK, quite a bit of it.




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