Let’s cut to the chase…Why do I need a wine aroma kit?


“Ok, they are beautiful but what do I use these for?”

“Should I start a collection…until I have the whole series?”

“Do you really guarantee them for 10 years?”

As you can imagine, one of the most common question we get asked at trade shows or at wine information seminars such as the ones we conducted recently at the Vintage Conservatory of Toronto is “Why do I need a wine aroma kit?” We are in a business that requires that we educate our market before we can properly position the virtues of our product…this is very typical of most narrow “niche” markets.

Who better than to ask than our customers: so we sent our clients a quick survey and asked them why they bought our kits and what specific use they would recommend for our products . Here are their TOP FIVE answers…and…we couldn’t have said it better ourselves…really.

  1. Teach yourself “wine”-become your own wine expert because what the wine experts say about wines is mostly irrelevant to most of us.

Ed comment: this widely publicized research shows that the vast majority of wine experts are Supertasters which means they have a sense of taste that is far more intense than the majority of people and this makes their wine reviews and recommendations irrelevant to most common drinkers like you and I.


  1. Learn why you like what you like- and never buy the wrong wine again. Save money, look better, foodpair like a chef and sip like a pro!

Ed comment: When you understand why you like certain wines by identifying exactly which components and aromas you best respond to, you give yourself the license to buy better, smarter, and much more discriminately…SSS



  1. Use it as an amazing sensory game board with your friends and guests- so much more fun than Scrabble…pass the Merlot, please!

Ed comment: Done it many times…loads of fun before and after things get hilariously out-of-



  1. Be the “go to” wine hero…don’t duck under the table when the waiter shows up with the wine list at your next gathering.

Ed comment: Watch your friends’ faces when you announce: “Sure, I’ll pick the wine for our table. Would you guys prefer something with a sexy nose of smoke, black fruits, cappuccino and toasty wood, followed by a sumptuous and expansively slick texture with no hard edges and beautifully integrated acid and tannin 35 second finish of pure joy…or should I order the house wine”?


  1. Sharpen your sense of smell and become in “sensorial synch” with the world around you.

Ed comments: It is proven that when you smell better, not only do you feel better…but your friends continue to hang out with you too!


OR…you can delight that wine connoisseur in your life…the one who has EVERYTHING!

(And just in time for the Holidays…new product line up and special promo pricing)


Who are we?

Wine Awakenings- the Wine Education Company is dedicated to enhancing the experience of enjoying and understanding wines through innovative wine education. Inspired by leading wine educators and working in collaboration with recognized oenology research and university wine education programs, our mission is to demystify the old and stuffy world of wine expertise because we believe that wine should be enjoyed by everyone. We do this by bringing wine education into the twenty first century.

We are the makers of the world’s most popular wine aroma kits and advanced wine tutorials systems all designed to educate and inspire everyone in the joys of wine appreciation: for leisure and for work, from beginners to hospitality professionals.

Please visit our beautiful website at http://www.wineawakenings.com/



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