Drinking Could Make You Smarter, Research Says

We know that wine can definitely make you merrier, but can drinking actually make you smarter? I remember that when my neighbor recounted the unfortunate incident of him being stopped and convicted of DUI, his reaction was: Boy, that made me smarten up!
I was compelled to conduct my own research and started by posing the question to loyal Wine Awakenings customers and followers of this blog. I was astounded by the results and I will be sharing some of those stories in the new year.
I’m glad to report, however that the answer is an emphatic YES! (Even though further experimentation is warranted…and encouraged… by all…)

From a scientific research perspective, researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago, lead by cognitive psychologist Jennifer Wiley came to the following conclusion after getting her subjects drunk…that’s right, she got them drunk and then tested their creative problem-solving skills! The conclusions were reported in this manner in the Huffington Post:
Compared to how they performed pre-intoxication, subjects with a blood alcohol level of 0.07 were worse at working memory tasks, but better at creative-solving tasks.

So this means that when drunk, you can solve world hunger, which would win you the Nobel Peace prize…but unfortunately, you wouldn’t be able to pick up your prize because you would not be able to remember where you put your car keys!
With the simple assumption that Dr. Wiley had not indulged herself while conducting this study in the lab, one can certainly understand why it is that some people become that much more expressive after a few glasses of vino. Not that I know anyone like that…Luckily, I am planning to spend Christmas celebrations with some beloved characters that are known to be enthusiastic participants to such wine themed experimentation…all in the noble cause of science and advancement, of course.
To you and yours, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a most Joyous New Year!


One comment on “Drinking Could Make You Smarter, Research Says

  1. Lelio Bisante says:

    Hi Amato,

    If that it’s true, I’ll have a glass more on your good health.

    Merry Christmas to you and all your gang.

    Assunta &Lelio

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