WHISKY WHYS KIT BY WINE AWAKENINGS – A SENSORY EXPERIENCE FOR ALL LOVERS OF WHISKY/SCOTCH – For the past fifteen years, we have developed an expertise of aromatic science, beginning with wine. When this expertise is married to spirits, namely to the art of Whisky appreciation, all roads led to an obvious partnership developed between our company and the wealth of knowledge we found that had been authored and published by the world renowned whisky expert—Michael Jackson.
 Our partnership in “spirit” quickly became a perfect match. This means taking the experience of the enjoyment of whisky to the next sensory level. This Wine Awakenings’ Whisky Whys kit™ will enhance your ability to recognize and name the most common aromas present in whisky. Many people experience that tip-of-the-nose frustration of being able to recognize an aroma, but being unable to find the word to name it. 


Our sense of smell is different from any of our other senses. Before we see, hear, touch, or feel something, the stimulus is processed through the verbal part of our brains where we can associate a word with relative ease and identify the stimulus.  Aroma is different.  Aroma has been called the speechless sense.  When we smell something the stimulus largely bypasses this language centre in our brains.  In order to name the aroma we must make a conscious effort to label it, associate it by smelling it again, and then repeat the label.  All Wine Awakenings™ kits have been designed to enable you to practice that association and to expand your repertoire of aromas, which in itself is an intriguing

voyage you will want to experience.

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