WHISKY WHYS KIT BY WINE AWAKENINGS – A SENSORY EXPERIENCE FOR ALL LOVERS OF WHISKY/SCOTCH – For the past fifteen years, we have developed an expertise of aromatic science, beginning with wine. When this expertise is married to spirits, namely to the art of Whisky appreciation, all roads led to an obvious partnership developed between our company and the wealth of knowledge we found that had been authored and published by the world renowned whisky expert—Michael Jackson.
 Our partnership in “spirit” quickly became a perfect match. This means taking the experience of the enjoyment of Continue reading

Article on Entrepreneur about what to get the wine lover in your life…Featuring Wine Awakenings Kits!

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What We’ve Been Up To Lately- Globe and Mail Article

It’s been a while since our last post.  We’ve been up to a lot but here is our most recent exciting news.


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Can you say “WINE” without smiling…

Thank you to all those that sent me their heartfelt comments about my last blog (The Centerpiece of Italian Culture…) I’m glad that you enjoyed it but it’s particularly pleasing to me that the piece actually awakened some pleasant family memories for some of you. It did for me too.
Someone asked me, recently, why or how I ended up (sort of) in the wine business after a few-decades -long career in the corporate world…a career in an industry that could not possibly be further away from wine. The answer is: I don’t know. Fate, I guess.
Here’s what I do know: after four years Continue reading

More Than Just an Aroma Kit

Even after being in it for the better part of 30 years, the Marketing world still has many surprises for me because it is forever evolving and morphing.  With the massive swing to web buying, large surface stores are shifting their millions of marketing dollars away from their brick and mortar operations and into cyber space where their customers are spending an increasing amount of their hard earned cash.  But with all the convenience, flexibility, and speed that comes with cyber shopping, consumers are sacrificing the “intimacy” of buying…in other words, the personal touch of real and “touchy” customer service.  Because of this phenomenon, many consumer behaviour experts have outlines an interesting opportunity for companies that are still able to offer (and surprise) their target customers with the soothing “personal touch”.  Very simply, they point out that because consumers are “starved” and nostalgic for this “touchy” attention and personal customer service, a rapidly increasing number of consumers value this aspect beyond anything else when making a purchasing decision.

Kinda feels like “back to the future” doesn’t it?  The other day, I called a large telecom company and almost fell off my chair when a live voice answered my call!  (Then, I realized I had dialed the wrong number…)

Running a company like Wine Awakenings has little to do with wine.  Wine Awakenings is actually the quintessential marketing company, complete with its own eco system of communicating value in a niche market, anticipating market insights, viral connecting with customers, and strong brand building via social media.  Our company is a virtual “pool” of ephemeral marketi Continue reading

A Modern Tale of Wine Education

A friend of mine asked me where and how he could take a “common folk” wine appreciation course without breaking his bank account and without attending pointless group tasting sessions where everyone knows they have wasted precious time but nobody cares because they are in varying degrees of drunkenness.  My friend does not wish to be a sommelier, a wine expert, or even a wine professional of any sort.  He simply enjoys good wine (even though, as we know, “good” is in the eyes…and palate…of the beholder).  He would love to reach for the wine list when the server walks over to his group’s table and waives the padded wine menu for someone to courageously seize it.  He would love to be able to ask intelligent questions on his next wine tour…in Tuscany.  And he would love to participate and actually understand what is meant by such mythical description such as “Its aromas of mushroom and bark counter balance its fruity scent of plum…or better still…”An incredibly sexy nose of smoke, black fruits, cappuccino, and toasty wood is followed by an expansive, terrifically concentrated wine with a sumptuous texture, no hard edges, beautifully integrated acidity and tannin, and a long, 35 second finish.” Continue reading

The Good Food and Drink Festival-Toronto

Web_banner_March_13thA Sensory Journey To Discover

Friday April 5th at 7pm
Saturday April 6th at 6pm

 Sunday April 7th at 3pm

Join Wine Awakenings for a personal wine education journey that will be sure to spark your imagination. You will find out how you can train your sense of smell to “nose” which wines will suite your palate and your wallet. Also, enjoy an interactive “Sipping with the Stars” segment with nostalgic video clips of your favorite Hollywood personalities.

With me, Amato De Civita,  Owner of Wine Awakenings,  you can learn what you can do to never spend another dollar on wine that you won’t enjoy!  Hope you can make it!