Happy Valentine’s! Why are chocolate and wine such good companions?


When one only considers strictly the symbiosis of wine and chocolate, it is easy to conclude that there is little to suggest that they actually complement one another…other than to say that both have a somewhat “guilty pleasure” trait…and both are very desirably complex items over which wars have been fought!

The increasing lovers of wine and chocolate will tell you that this is a better match than wine and cheese. After all, cheese is made (mostly) with milk, and milk is the opposite of wine.

Try this: take a sip of wine (don’t let me twist your arm, now). Now, eat a piece of your favorite dark chocolate. Now Continue reading


Cheese, Move Over – the top 5 most delicious things to be enjoyed with wine

What are the Top 5 Most surprising AND surprisingly delicious things to be enjoyed with wine?

In no particular order:

-Chocolate: You are in for an amazing taste experience.  Make use you use good quality “real” chocolate- not the “candy” sugar loaded candy bars.  Ask for Chocolate made to be paired with wine (at least 54% cocoa content- preferably more.  Brix makes some delicious dark chocolates but for a more “complete” experience look for Donini Chocolate double board set which contain two of four delicious 250 g totally organic (and kosher) chocolate bars, each weighing 250g and each made to be paired with different varietals of wine:  full body wines, light and fruity wines, champagne and Icewine.  Best enjoyed with friends, slightly refrigerated, and shaved onto its own cutting board.  (Sold exclusively by Wineawakenings.com in North America).

-Salty soft pretzel:  The coarse salt pebbles prepare and excite you’re the salt receptors at the tip of your tongue and the sour note of a pretzel’s sour dough flesh is met enthusiastically by the tannins in your favourite Shiraz.  The taste sensation created by this combination is not unlike biting into a warm and juicy cinnamon roll. Continue reading