WHISKY WHYS KIT BY WINE AWAKENINGS – A SENSORY EXPERIENCE FOR ALL LOVERS OF WHISKY/SCOTCH – For the past fifteen years, we have developed an expertise of aromatic science, beginning with wine. When this expertise is married to spirits, namely to the art of Whisky appreciation, all roads led to an obvious partnership developed between our company and the wealth of knowledge we found that had been authored and published by the world renowned whisky expert—Michael Jackson.
 Our partnership in “spirit” quickly became a perfect match. This means taking the experience of the enjoyment of Continue reading

Drinking Could Make You Smarter, Research Says

We know that wine can definitely make you merrier, but can drinking actually make you smarter? I remember that when my neighbor recounted the unfortunate incident of him being stopped and convicted of DUI, his reaction was: Boy, that made me smarten up!
I was compelled to conduct my own research and started by posing the question to loyal Wine Awakenings customers and followers of this blog. I was astounded by the results and I will be sharing some of those stories in the new year.
I’m glad to report, however that the answer is an emphatic YES! (Even though further experimentation is warranted…and encouraged… by all…) Continue reading

Top Wines to drink with your American Thanksgiving dinner


Pairing wines with foods is largely a question of personal preference. There are very few hard and fast rules except for a few notable “hard and fast rules”…and I will cover those right up front: do not drink excessively dry wine with your turkey dinner because your mouth will be dry enough with the usual turkey accoutrements…keep the hearty cabernet sauvignons, French Syrahs for juicy red meat dinners…avoid, at all costs, the collision Continue reading

Waiter, WTF is in my wine glass…???

Judging from the unmistakable stench emanating from your freshly poured wine glass, you would think that an angry herd of wild horses that just roared by your table…and, some of them must have relieved themselves right at your table!

Seriously, how can such a good thing sometimes smell so ungodly awful?

When you stick your nose in a glass of wine, most of the time, you smell the aroma of fruit, floral, or spice.  The wine itself may be earthy (in the dirt sense) and may have a pleasing buttery or tropical perfume.  Aromatics such as honey, chocolate, freshly mowed grass, or that delicately delightful scent of a rose garden which takes you all the way back to Grandma’s orchard…Sometimes, it’s the unmistakable odor of vanilla…hmm, cake…or that unique fragrance of butterscotch that conjures happy candy thoughts of childhood.

But what if you smell rotten eggs, nail polish remover, sewer, vinegar, wet cardboard, and yes…even a herd of defecating horses?  What does that mean? Continue reading

The Perfect Holiday Gift For The New Or Experienced Wine Appreciator

Tired of buying the wine appreciator on your list a bottle of wine you hope they will like?  Don’t want to buy them another novelty corkscrew or decanter?  Why not get them something that can enhance their wine experience and help them further understand why they like what they like.  You may even learn a thing or two yourself!  We deliver anywhere in North America within three business days, and now with free shipping!  Happy Holidays!

Holiday Pairings For All

We are often asked which wines should be served with a Christmas meal.  That’s like asking what car you should buy.  The answer is a consultant’s best known phrase: “It depends!”

What’s for dinner?


Baked, smoked, or honeyed hams beg for wines with a dash of sweet. A German Riesling with a touch of residual sugar, made lighter in style and a bit lower in alcohol will hop on the ham pairing wagon with plenty of food-friendly acidity and crowd-pleasing palate appeal. Canadian Rieslings tend to bring more body, significantly less sugar, and a richer palate profile than their German counterpart, and are capable of handling a wide range of pork-themed options with a wine focus on weight and pairing presence. Red wines that can accommodate ham happenings tend to be lighter in body and overall style. Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, and Spain’s Tempranillo grape often exhibit subtle tannins with an easier going pairing profile. Have you tried basting your ham with a few ounces of Canadian Icewine…hmm.

Red Wines for Ham: Beajolais Nouveau , Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Tempranillo

White Wines for Ham: Riesling and Gewurztraminer

Turkey Continue reading