Kelowna Part 2

After a quick Tim Horton’s breakfast and coffee, we were fuelled and ready to start Day 2. While allowing the coffee and food to settle, we decided to check out the local Kelowna Farmers’ & Crafters’ Market. The market allowed a quick glimpse at all unique crafters and great produce Kelowna and surrounding areas had to offer. We picked up a few snacks that we would enjoy from winery to winery and started heading toward the West Side Wine Trail, the first of two trails we would complete that day.

The West Side Wine Trail is situated in beautiful West Kelowna. Compared to the wineries of the first day, The Kelowna Fab Five, these wineries operated on a much larger scale. Another distinguishing quality of all these wineries were their incredibly breathtaking views…the wine wasn’t too bad either!

Some Highlights…

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What We’ve Been Up To Lately- Globe and Mail Article

It’s been a while since our last post.  We’ve been up to a lot but here is our most recent exciting news.


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Drinking Could Make You Smarter, Research Says

We know that wine can definitely make you merrier, but can drinking actually make you smarter? I remember that when my neighbor recounted the unfortunate incident of him being stopped and convicted of DUI, his reaction was: Boy, that made me smarten up!
I was compelled to conduct my own research and started by posing the question to loyal Wine Awakenings customers and followers of this blog. I was astounded by the results and I will be sharing some of those stories in the new year.
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Let’s cut to the chase…Why do I need a wine aroma kit?


“Ok, they are beautiful but what do I use these for?”

“Should I start a collection…until I have the whole series?”

“Do you really guarantee them for 10 years?”

As you can imagine, one of the most common question we get asked at trade shows or at wine information seminars such as the ones we conducted recently at the Vintage Conservatory of Toronto is “Why do I need a wine aroma kit?” We are in a business that requires that we educate our market before we can properly position the virtues of our product…this is very typical of most narrow “niche” markets.

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The centerpiece of Italian culture: we drink it, dunk in it, and even wear it

The other day, someone who wanted to impress me with his deep knowledge of all things Italian suggested that tomatoes are the heart of Italian cuisine. I remember that a noted Italian chef described tomatoes as sacrosanct for Italians. Their place in Italian gastronomy is undeniable and tomatoes are obviously prominent in many Italian dishes, especially in recipes from the South.

But the actual centerpiece of Italian culture, the one item which transcends all geographies…the one item which is omnipresent not only on every table and in every cantina but in every Italian’s inner being is our wine. Because if tomatoes are heart of Italian culture, then our vino is our soul…quite literally, it is the very lifeblood that flows through our veins…and we (Italians) get inoculated at a tender age…usually about 12 years old.

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Just getting into wine? These are the things you must know…

Just getting into wine…? When you open this box, prepare to be submerged with a multitude of “experts” and wine zealots telling you what to buy, when and how to drink it and whether it’s good, bad or indifferent….whether you want to hear it or not!

Not unlike any other acquired “lifestyle” skill, wine appreciation is an art form with a quasi-scientific formula behind it.  You can be “good” at it ‘cause you haveto or ‘cause you wantto.  Depending on which side you’re on, the art form or the formula will rise to the surface.

My earliest childhood memories are filled with the pungent perfume of fermenting wine enveloping our home every fall.  This was the trigger that winter would soon be here but also that my dad was preparing to brew that year’s vintage of his “slightly better than last year” blend of Granache, Moscato and Alicante grapes to make vino.  Continue reading